Not Your Typical Divorce Law Firm

At this point in our legal careers, we are simply sick and tired of seeing good people being taken advantage of in divorce. We’ve seen them milked by over-reaching spouses and exploited by lawyers who don’t understand the nuances of divorce law. In divorce, you need someone on your side who cares enough to give it to you straight and understands the complexity of North Carolina divorce laws. Will you get ‘justice’ in Court? Most often not. The system is overloaded and often cares more about moving cases along than coming up with workable solutions.

We have had it up to here.  We know you have, too. Let’s do things differently, together.

Interested in having a logic-based, rational approach to your divorce?

Do you want a solid combination of common sense and book sense representing you?  Ready to hear what you need to know and not necessarily what you want to hear?  Tired of endless promises and no follow through?  Frustrated with the process?  Let’s talk about what we can take off your plate and put on ours . . .

Free Guides to Understanding & Preparing for Divorce

We’ve created these guides to help you better understand the complexity involved in separation and divorce in the state of North Carolina. Our goal is to offer ways in which you can be better informed, prepared and often avoid a lengthy legal battle with your spouse.

10 Tips to Avoid a Divorce

10 TIPS ON AVOIDING DIVORCE To go or to stay? If only divorce were such a simple solution. If you aren’t a partner of a toxic relationship, there may be hope just yet.

10 Things Lawyers won't tell you in a divorce

WHAT YOUR LAWYER ISN’T TELLING YOU Although we do our best to tell it like it is, we can’t say the same for other lawyers. Before you move forward, make sure you get the facts.

8 Ways you can Screw up Your Divorce

HOW TO SCREW UP YOUR DIVORCE You’re smart. You want to lower costs. Maybe you don’t need a lawyer? Before you go forward, check out the common mistakes even smart folks make in divorce.

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