Arbitration is a private process where a third-party renders a decision for the parties. That decision, unlike a referee’s, is binding and final. In North Carolina, the process adheres to the Family Law Arbitration Act.

Rather than go through the lengthy court process with all its attendant costs and stress, arbitration is available in most matters. In family law cases, the arbitrators are usually attorneys with extensive family law experience and no connection whatever to the parties.

Arbitration is one of Triangle Smart Divorce’s Jenny Bradley’s favorite areas of practice. We’re pretty sure she’s not harboring any deep-seated ambitions to one day be a judge, but she enjoys putting her years of experience to hearing cases.

She enjoys the flexibility arbitration offers; it’s so much more free-flowing than the rigid court process. For Jenny, this is the major advantage of arbitration for the clients and arbitrator – the time and place is chosen by the parties. Well, that and the fact that the process is also less formal than traditional courts.

Jenny is available to arbitrate even the most complex family law disputes. If you and the other party in any family dispute would rather avoid the courtroom, consider arbitration.

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