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Ryan Mayer

Ryan Mayer

Client Concierge

Ryan’s vast background and experiences all have one thing in common….helping others.  After his time at Rutgers, Ryan spent several years in the accounting field.  We are not sure how he got from A to B, then Ryan went through the police academy and was in law enforcement for over 10 years in New Jersey.  During those years, Ryan created, managed and marketed several successful businesses which were started to serve a need in the community.  Ryan is always looking for a way to connect people to help them find solutions to their problems.  He has had his share of hard knocks along the way which help him to be kind, considerate and empathetic to the community we serve.  He has never met a stranger and is fiercely loyal.  Once he is one your side, you know you have a friend in your corner.

Ryan is the proud father of 3 awesome girls.  He and his ex-wife have found their new normal and co-parent with the best of them.  Ryan is a walking example of putting your differences aside, not sweating the small stuff and not letting a major life transition get the best of you.