Separation and Divorce

There are few more painful experiences in life than watching a relationship devolve into conflict and strife on its way to dissolution. It’s difficult, stressful and hardly a time that encourages clear thinking and solid strategizing.

Triangle Smart Divorce is here for those who find themselves in a disintegrating relationship and need a guide and an advocate through the process.

We’ve seen it all over the years. We’ve been involved in every aspect of separation and divorce in variations that boggle the mind, and we know what steps need to be taken to protect your property and most importantly, your children.

We know the one thing good family law attorneys know with certainty – every case is different, every case has a different path to a different solution. Family law is not about cookie-cutter solutions.

Sometimes, despite our name, the best course for all involved is reconciliation and reunification. It needs to be approached the right way, not as a contest, but a problem that must be resolved. There are many ways to go; we’re here to help you chart the right course and support you as you move through it.

Each step of the way, there is a smart way and a not so smart way. We are here to guide you through the smartest, best way for you.

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