Premarital Agreements and Domestic Partnership Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements are always in the news. Every movie star, Silicon Valley CEO and the current President of the United States has used them; and when they get divorced, the ‘prenup’ is always front and center and all over the media.

Prenuptial Agreements, then, get a bad reputation that is completely unwarranted. That’s probably because when a solid, well thought out, reasonable, prenup is executed early in a relationship, it never makes the news – because it worked.

Look, we know no one enters a new relationship with a thought toward its failure. New relationships are exciting, are founded on such hopes, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine it ever ending.

The sad fact is – and we all know this somewhere deep inside – that relationships frequently end. We often remind clients that marriage ends in divorce or death. Sometimes without warning; sometimes over the years. It’s a bad time; it’s not the time to look back and wish you had protected yourself, your property, and your children ‘way back when.’ You don’t think twice about getting a will. Why not a prenup?

It is definitely not romantic, but it is the mature, practical thing to do. And, think of it this way, if you can’t discuss pragmatic matters with your significant other now, well that hardly bodes well for the future, does it?

Prenuptial agreements can be found on-line on any number of pay-click-and-sign sites. One of them is regularly pitched by one of OJ’s lawyers. The problem with these is obvious – they are not customized. The don’t fit the individuals, the assets, plans, aspirations, children, pets (seriously), careers, and a hundred other moving pieces.

Whether it is a Prenuptial Agreement, Domestic Partnership, or any agreement that may be necessary to accommodate your relationship and living arrangements, Triangle Smart Divorce can help draft a contract that will work for you.

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