Neutral Evaluation

A neutral evaluation is exactly what it sounds like: an expert looks at each side’s evidence and legal arguments and evaluates their relative merits.

The evaluator’s job is to note the strong and weak points of the parties’ arguments and should be an attorney with years of experience in family court. Not to make a ruling, or render a judgment, but to advise.

You want to receive a realistic view of not only where you stand – in the eyes of the law – on the issues, but to go further and establish expectations as the case moves forward.

This can be invaluable and save time, money, and a great deal of stress. Managing expectations is an important part of any legal case. Getting a ‘heads up’ on how the court is likely to view certain matters in light of the facts is, simply, invaluable.

Jenny Bradley has the experience and intellectual curiosity in family law (especially divorce, custody, and property disputes) to serve as the neutral evaluation in your case.

Jenny has served in this capacity on several occasions. Her fellow attorneys can, and will, vouch for Jenny’s mastery of family law. The Courts have appointed Jenny to this role, and anyone who knows her will quickly and willingly attest to the fact she has no problem whatsoever giving a candid assessment.

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