By Jenny Bradley

My Journey Through Other People’s Lives

What do It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Chipper Jones and WAR, The Princess Bride, Hurling, an English explorer in Florida in the 1590s, psychology, Game Theory, and few dozen other equally seemingly unrelated subjects have to do with Family Law? A lot according to Jenny Bradley’s startlingly original take on the law, education, mediation, adultery, and, of course, other lawyers.

Best Selling Author

Jenny Bradley

Jenny’s a jock, a nerd, and a lawyer. None of that is mutually exclusive. She has been involved in competitions great and small –- softball, math bowl, 80’s trivia, and bicycling. She loves games. And she loves practicing law. Mostly.  But importantly she loves helping people visualize their future and helping them get there.


Have known Jenny for many years. She has always called things as she sees them. I enjoyed reading her book and learned a lot about sports and how it has helped her in her family law practice. She is a very brilliant and honest lawyer. Very proud of her.

– Donna