About Christina McCoy

We searched long and hard for a new Family Law Attorney to join our merry band until we found a unicorn.

We interviewed Christina McCoy over appetizers and beers at one of our favorite watering holes.  She held her own on all sorts of trivia, sports conversations, knowledge of beer and more, but, most importantly, she nailed it with this statement: “I feel it’s my job as someone’s lawyer to set realistic expectations, not to b.s. them, but to give it to them straight.”

Wow!  That’s Triangle Smart Divorce’s approach in a nutshell.  We found a kindred spirit.

On top of that, just like Lauren, Mitzi and Jenny, she’s from a small hometown, Hamlet, North Carolina, “Just a small-town girl . . .” played in our heads when we heard that.

It was clear that she was going to fit in with our firm culture.

But what about her legal skills?

Her resume knocked our socks off.  It was loaded with the kind of wide-ranging experience we probably couldn’t have picked off an a-la-carte menu any better.

It was more than impressive. ‘Extensive Litigation’; ‘Regularly arguing civil and criminal motions’; ‘collaborating with attorneys to produce the best possible client outcomes’; ‘Teaching as an adjunct professor’; “Chair of the Wake Bar Association Bench-Bar Committee’; ‘on the Board of Directors of the Wake County Bar for 2018’; law degree from UNC (Jenny’s favorite part) and more. A lot more – like her other post-graduate degree from UNC in social work.

Christina is charismatic, has energy to spare, a dry sense of humor, loves a challenge, connects with people, is a natural teacher . . . and none of that hides for a second that she is at heart as much of a nerd as the rest of our office.

What we discovered a little bit down the road was this: you know the movie, the one where a nice, laid back protagonist is suddenly confronted with something terrible and has to call on ‘old skills’ and act?

Think Liam Neeson, “I have a very particular set of skills …” That’s Christina. She defines herself as a litigator and she is eminently capable in any courtroom. We are waiting for the case where she says into the phone, as she surely will, “l will find you, and I will litigate you.”

Christina lives in Wake Forest with her husband, Sherman. They split time between entertaining and traveling and will hit any beach, any time. It should be noted, however, that all entertaining and travel is put on hold during football season, Christina is an avid (is there any other kind?) NC State Wolfpack fan— she received her undergraduate degree there. We will take fiercely loyal as an attribute, even it is a misplaced in the Pack.

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